Our acclaimed trainers and instructors are highly qualified professionals from various fields of medicine, health and movement arts, from yoga and physiotherapy, psychology to traditional pilates and dance. Although all our employees are licensed POLESTAR Pilates trainers, each of us has her own particular specialty, background and training style. So, whether you want encouragement focused on athletic or therapeutic approach, we are sure we will find the right member of our team to accomplish your goals and aspirations.

Kirsi Sabri

Kirsi Sabri, born in Lübeck and living in Berlin since 200X, worked for many years as a physiotherapist and gained experience in working with clients and patients in many institutions with different approaches. In 2015, she opened her own studio in Berlin-Charlottenburg, where she works as an Osteopath and lisenced POLESTAR Pilates trainer. Kirsi Sabri believes that balance and positivity in your Pilates and Osteopathy practice o er both mental and physical benefits.

  • trained physiotherapist and osteopath
  • Lecturer at the Osteopathy School Germany (OSD)
  • Licensed POLESTAR Pilates trainer and trainer
  • certified PMA Pilates trainer
  • Myofascial Release Therapist after John F. Barnes

Tanja Felicitas Stegmaier

Tanja Felicitas Stegmaier has gained her first experience studying at the Shree Rajneesh Mediation University in Rajneeshpuram, Oregan, USA. During her acting studies she learned to work with breath and dance. This path has taken her to the Pilates Method where, through a holistic approach, she emphasizes on strengthening the perception, body intelligence, and overall awareness of her clients and patients.

  • Licensed POLESTAR Studio Trainer
  • Breathing work to Middendorf
  • meditation and yoga practice endurance sports
  • state-certified actress
  • med. Assistant for dentistry

Jackie Britton

Jackie Britton was an early lover of moments, which involved her in a number of dierent athletics, gymnastics and most importantly dancing from a young age. She first discovered the benefits of the Pilates method and its rehabilitating aspect through an injury. Over the years she fell in love with the unique connection and exercise approach she makes with her clients. Jackie focuses on the mind-body connection and believes strongly in self-awarteness in order for her clients to understand themself better. She recently relocated to Berlin and is excited to the challenges in the new city.

  • Licensed POLESTAR Pilates Studio Trainer
  • Dancer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
  • Studied at New Zealand School of Dance Contemporary
  • Study of psychology


For up-to-date information on workshops and seminars please inquire
personally at mail@kirsisabri.berlin or call +49 172 – 44 14 121.